Animal news – cubs and newcomers from 2021/2022

We ask for your understanding that a gender determination of many animal species can often take a long time. Many animals are wild animals that our animal keepers do not let near them.


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Cameroon sheep26.05.20221 male
Black head sheep13.05.20221 male
Tahr09.05.20221 male
Kangaroo1spotted on 29.04.2022
Yak18.04.20221 female
Racka sheep14.04.20221 male
Domestic goat04.04.20221 female
Dwarf donkey19.03.20221 male
Black swan14.03.20227
Barbary sheep13.03.20221 male
Domestic goat12.03.20221
Black-nose sheep10.03.20221 male
Bezoar goat23.01.20222 femaleMia and Mona
Black head sheep15.01.20221
Dahomey15.01.20221 male
Domestic goat08.01.20221 female
1 male
Dwarf donkey30.12.20211 maleOlaf
Domestic goat30.12.20212 female
Cameroon sheep22.11.20212 male
Cameroon sheep20.11.20211 female
1 male
Shetland Pony03.08.20211 female
Scottish highland cattle20.07.20211
Sika deer09.06.20211
Tahr09.06.20211 male
Baboon06.06.20211 male
Bison31.05.20211 female
Scottish highland cattle30.05.20211 male
Red deer28.05.20211
Sika deer25.05.20211 malehand raering
Johnny Deer
Leopard12.05.20212 female
Bezoar goat12.05.20211
Shetland Pony15.05.20211 female
Tahr17.05.20211 male
1 female
Kangaroo1spotted on 29.04.2021
Yak11.04.20211 female
Bezoar goat18.03.20211 female
1 männlich
Barbary sheep18.03.20211
Forest sheep01.03.20211 male
Domestic goat28.02.20211 male
Bezoar goat27.02.20211
Kangaroo1spotted on 16.2.2021
Jacob sheep09.02.20211 male
Jacob sheep07.02.20211 male
Forest sheep04.02.20212 female
Black head sheep23.01.20211 female
1 male
Jacob sheep23.01.20211 female
Cameroon sheep23.01.20211 female
2 male
Jacob sheep22.01.20211 female
1 male
Cameroon sheep22.01.20213 female
2 male
Pygmy goat22.01.20217 female
7 male
Pygmy goat18.01.20211 female
1 male
Bezoar goat18.01.20211 female
1 male
Black head sheep15.01.20211 female
Racka sheep10.01.20211 female
Cameroon sheep09.01.20211 male
Dwarf donkey04.01.20211 female
Cameroon sheep02.01.20211 female




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