Our visitor regulations

Stay in the zoo

The stay in the zoo is allowed in the months April to September until 19.30 pm.
In October, February and March, the stay is allowed until 17.30 pm.
From November to January the stay is allowed until 16.30 pm.
Even the animals need to rest 🙂

Dogs in the zoo

Dogs are allowed.


Dogs are to be led on the short line without exception.


In the case of the following breeds or crossbreeds, as well as their crosses among themselves or with other dogs, according to the law, a muzzle is mandatory:


Bullterrier, American Staffordshire, Terriers, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Dogo Argentino, PitBull, Bandog, Rottweiler, Tosa Inu

The dog holder bears the sole liability for any damage that may occur due to the dog.

Dogs who irritate the zoo animals or visitors can be banned from the zoo.

For consideration of our animals and guests only one dog may be carried per dog holder.

There are dog-bars (drinking water) at the cash desk and at the children’s playground.

Other animals may not be brought along because of the safety and health of our zoo animals.

Behavior in the zoo

Crossinng the barriers and entering the animal facilities endangers humans as well as animals and is strictly forbiden.


Animals also need rest. Please do not try to attract attention of the animals by loud shouting, knocking or loud music.


The following applies to the entire animal park area (including the playgrounds): Parents are responsible for their children!



Photographing and filming is desirable for private purposes. A contact with the zoo management is necessary for commercial recording.



Playing with balls, Frisbee-discs etc. as well as riding with bicycles, scooters, runners, tricycles, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, and similar is prohibited!


Help keep the zoo clean. Use the existing waste bins!

Feeding the animals

It is forbidden to feed the food brought to the animals in the zoo!


Please only use the food available in the shop and at the cash desk to feed our animals. This fodder has been compiled especially for our animals. Please note the information on the food bags as well as the signs!


The instructions of the staff and the instructions at the parking lot in front of the animal park must be followed.

The staff is entitled to point out visitors from the zoo to visitors who do not comply with the visitor regulations.

The entrance ticket is to be kept and presented on request. It loses its validity when leaving the zoo.