The history of the zoo Stadt Haag

How it all started ..

Until 1970 the castle of Salaberg and the castle park were not public. In 1970, the municipality of Stadt Haag concluded a leasing agreement with the owner, Dr. Hermann Saurma-Jeltsch, and began to set up roads and ponds in the natural park. On 14th of April 1973, the head of the provincial government, Andreas Maurer opened this facility. The foot-and-mouth disease in Lower Austria caused the city community of Stadt Haag to block the animal park on 12 May 1973. On 6 July 1973 the reopening took place.

Already at the beginning of the zoo a bear enclosure and the farmyard were built. Ever since then the pond “Jochteich” is available for fishing. In the following years the number of animals and the variety of species were gradually increased by animal purchases.
An enrichment for the zoo are the birds’ voice path, laid out in the 1980s, and the children’s playground built in 1994.

Ongoing improvements ..

Since the 1990s special attention has been devoted to the construction of new buildings and the expansion of the enclosures. The facilities are constantly being updated and adapted to the respective animal regulations. For example, since the year 1997, the predatory cat enclosures, the aviary for the owl, the enclosure for baboons and much more have been renewed. In 2004 the leopards got a completely new enclosure.
In 2008, the “Emma” hurricane swept over the zoo Stadt Haag with more than 150 kilometers per hour and caused great damage to the fences and enclosures.
The enclosure for barbary apes was enlarged and optimized in 2010 to meet the animal welfare requirements. The lynx were able to move to their new home in 2011, the leopard area was enlarged in 2012, and the new lions facility was opened in 2013 as part of the 40th anniversary of the zoo Stadt Haag.

Since May 2005, the children have been able to let off steam at the newly built adventure playground “Erlebniswelt”. This small paradise was extended once again in 2008.

The rebuilding of the new entrance area begun in 2006 and the new visitor terminal has been in operation since March 2007. With the rebuilding, the service for our guests improved with a new buffet, an adjacent children’s playground as well as a zoo shop. In June 2007 the new entrance area was officially opened.

Collaborations are important for us

Every yearthere are campaign days with the family departments of OÖ and NÖ or elections about the most popular excursion destinations, where we, thanks to you support, always are one of the TOP excursion destinations.
In 2009, 2010 and 2011 the ORF visited the “Tierpark Stadt Haag” and made recordings for their shows, such as “Klingendes Österreich” or “Aufgespürt”.

Since 2006 there is the possibility for pet friends to take on sponsorships for your favorite animal. Animal sponsorship days are held at regular intervals.

For animal friends who want to visit the zoo regularly, we provide a annual entrance ticket as a special service. It is valid from the date of issue for one year and you do not need to queue at the entrance.

Zoo management

Mayor Ernst Huber is the founder and initiator of the zoo Stadt Haag. He himself directed the fate of the zoo until his resignation in 1987.
The new mayor Josef Jochinger and City Councilor Rupert Hinterlechner continued the lead.
From 1995 to 2003, mayor Josef Andesner and a managing councilor of the city managed the zoo.
Since 2003 councilor Johann Kogler has been running the zoo. The zoological direction has been in the hands of Dr. Karl Auinger since 2013.

On July 1st, 2016, the Haag Tourismus GmbH was founded in which the zoo was integrated. Managing Director of Tourismus GmbH is Mayor Lukas Michlmayr and authorized signatory, Johann Kogler.


Children are offered natural access to a wide variety of animals in a simple manner. This often influences the attitude to nature and living beings. In most cases, a visit to a zoo is crucial for a child to choose a certain animal as favorite animal.