The zoo as an adventure world for children

Our large children's playground offers many toys and skill stations.

While the children can play and discover the nature at the adventure playground “Erlebniswelt”, the parents or grandparents can strengthen themselves at the nearby buffet.

Become a sponsor for your favorite animal

You would like to become a sponsor for your favorite animal? Ask your parents. Maybe an animal sponsorship would be a nice present for your next birthday.


For all the children who stayed at home we have al lot of puzzles and colouring pages to arouse your interest for a visit in the zoo Stadt Haag.

Painting sheets

These self-designed-painting sheets can be printed out at home to decorate your room with all of the different, interesting and really cool animals of the zoo Stadt Haag.

Games and fun

Did you ever notice that every animal has their own special way of moving?
Just like a dog runs on all four legs, a bird jumps around on its two legs or a flamingo who simply stands on just one leg.


Let´s try it:

Walk like a dog – on two hands and feet


Jump like a rabbit


Imitate the hopping of a bird, upright, with closed legs.


Stand on one leg like a flamingo.