Your sponsorship for the zoo Stadt Haag

This is how you help animals

Simple sponsorship

By accepting a simple sponsorship you receive per mail:

a sponsorship certificate,

a naming on our website (only with your consent)

one entrance ticket or an annual entrance ticket for the reduced price of 30 euros

an invitation for the day of all animal sponsors, which takes place every second year

Costs for the sponsorship

The simple sponsorship can cost from 2000,- euros till 50,- euros per year, depending on the species.


If you’re intersted in a sponsorship or you want to know further details, please fill in the request at the bottom of the page.

Sponsorship with naming

By accepting a sponsorship with naming you receive:

the exclusive right to name an animal

a sponsorship with naming- certificate

a sign about the sponsorship on the enclosure of the animal

10 vouchers for a free entry ticket or 2 annual entrance tickets in the first year

an invitation for the day of all animal sponsors which takes place every second year

an annual sponsoring- certification

upon renewal of your sponsorshi you are entitled to get a reducedannual ticket

Costs for sponsorship with naming

The fee for a sponsorship with naming is € 300,-.

Furthermore, the simple sponsorship fee will be added.
For more detailed information please fill out the request at the bottm of the page.

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