5 reasons for supporting the zoo Stadt Haag

  1. A donation supports the efforts to preserve the treasures of nature for the coming generations.
  2. A donation is an investment in the future. Especially for children and young people the encounter with animals is a valuable experience.
  3. A donation has a lasting effect. It benefits the animals as well as the visitors.
  4. A donation does not finance running costs.
  5. A donation to the zoo is a donation that benefits the animals. More than 250,000 people visit the zoo every year.

Private sponsorships

certificate - reduced annual entrance ticket - invitation to the day of the animal sponsors (every 2 years)
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Company sponsorships

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Would you like to donate to the zoo Stadt Haag? This is possible in the form of money or natural donations.
Monetary or natural donations to the zoo Stadt Haag:
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Our animals are looking forward to receiving your help!