Red-necked Wallaby

Wallabia rufogrisea

Bennett kangaroos have a very thick coat, that’s why they tolerate the climate in Central Europe well. But they need a windproof shelter. Wallabies (that’s how small and medium-sized kangaroos are called) rest in the thicket during the day. In the morning and in the evening they graze. When the weather is hot or when they are excited, they lick their forearms and hands.

Propagation: The gestation period lasts 30 days. Usually one joey is born. Right after the birth it climbs in the pouch of the mother and begins to suck on a teat. There it grows up during the next 9 months. At 12 – 17 months it is weaned.



eucalyptus woods in the south-east of Australia und Tasmania


woodlands and bushes


rinds, buds, grasses and herbs


15 – 24 kg (male), 12 – 13 kg (female)


body height: 70 – 80 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

15 years

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

  • Augl Simon, St. Valentin
  • „Sally“, sighted on 10. April 2017
    Weigl Paolina, St. Florian bei Linz
  • ‚Flo‘
    Leonhartsberger Sabine, Ulmerfeld
  • ‘Waltraud’,
    Niederhametner Michl, Wien



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