North Chinese Leopard

Panthera pardus japonensis

The leopard is an excellent climber who remains true to his territory for many years. During the day he likes to rest on tree branches. In the evening and night hours the leopard goes looking for a prey. He sneaks up on his victim, grabs him in a quick jump and kills him by biting in the throat or neck. He returns to his prey several times. Of all the cat species, the leopard probably has the widest distribution area. The coat of this big cat is long and thick, slightly golden in winter and reddish-yellow in summer. Because of his beautiful coat, he is still hunted and poached mercilessly today. The earshot of a leopard is twice as long as that of a human being and his sight is six times as strong.
All leopards are protected with the “Washingtoner Artenschutz Abkommen (WAA)”.



North China


Rain forest to the edge of the desert, mountains and lowlands


Carnivores: monkeys, cattle, antelopes, dogs


up to 80 kg


length up to 130 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

in liberty 12 years, in zoos up to 20 years

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

  • Firma Reitbauer, Haidershofen
  • SKF Österreich AG, Steyr
  • Firma Hinterholzer, Aschbach-Markt
  • Panzer Bataillon 14 of the Austrian Armed Forces, Hessen Kaserne Wels
  • Namira:
    Hengst Peter, Haag
    Waldingbrett Gertrude, Wien
  • Griezmann:
    Proll Nina, Schauspielerin, Tänzerin, Sängerin
  • ‘Joker’
    Prünster Harry, Tirol
  • ‘Hinami’
    Gmeiner Karl, St. Valentin



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