Hamadryas Baboon

Papio hamadryas

The hamadryas baboon lives in a complex society, which is an exception among baboons because they are dominated by males. Each group is divided into a few small groups consisting of harems, that means one male and up to 10 females. The hamadryas baboon males have acquired this unusual position of power through their ability to hold and control the females together.

A characteristic feature of the monkeys is the time they invest in grooming other animals in their group. They comb out dirt, scales and parasites. This activity and living together in groups has earned them the reputation of being the “most sociable animals”.

The monkeys’ facial expressions and gestures are unique among the animals.

Baboons can be found everywhere in Africa where there is sufficient drinking water. Due to their physique they can cover long distances on the ground.

Would you have known?

Why does it have a red butt?

The bottom is like a pad with a layer of leather. These “seat calluses”, as zoologists say, protect the animals from cold ground, wetness or dirt and the baboons sit more comfortably with it.

If an old, male baboon is chased away from the harem, it often loses its silver-grey hair.




North East Africa


steppes and savannas; ground dwellers, whose sleeping places are on rock faces and cliffs


fruits, grass, herbs, eggs, onions, tubers, small animals, meat of vertebrates


up to 25 kg


head-torso length up to 95 cm, tail length up to 60 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

up to 35 years; in captivity up to 45 years.

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