Eagle owl

Bubo Bubo

It is the largest native owl and extinct in large areas of Central Europe. The eagle owl is just as flexible as the choice of where it lives in putting together its diet. It depends entirely on the available food supply. Eagle owls need a comparatively long time before they can hunt independently.  In reintroduction projects it is therefore important to ensure that the birds are not younger than 5 months. Before that time they are not yet fully mastered in hunting. The mortality rate among the young birds is very high. Characteristic are the large eyes with orange-red irises.

The eagle owl hunts mostly at dusk and dawn.




Northern Europe, Asia


mountain forests, grass steppes, rocky and sandy deserts, sea and coastal areas


Hares, mice, rats, squirrels, hedgehogs, pigeons, chickens, crows, frogs, fish


up to 2,7 kg


up to 70 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

in the wild up to 27 years, in zoos up to 60 years.

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

  • Weibchen ‘Uli’ since 2001 in Tierpark Haag
    Heike Dwornikowitsch, Hof am Leithagebirge
  • Uhu ‘Praga’, sighted in Juni 2019
    Kopitz Grete und Franz, Steyr



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