Equus asinus asinus

Donkeys are a worldwide common pet and is descended from the Nubian and African wild donkey. The “Nubian wild donkey” is considered extinct. Only a few, no longer completely pure-blooded animals live in zoos.
Donkeys are not horses! Therefore these two species have different nutritional requirements.

The donkey is a good food converter. Donkeys can go without water for a long time. During the first months of life the donkey foal must not drink water.
Donkeys have proven to be weather-hard. Their hard hooves grow back quickly and have to be cut twice a year in zoos.

Donkeys are very clever animals, their stubbornness is usually just caution. Tough, frugal, friendly and intelligent – these are the characteristics that discribe the “long-eared donkeys” the best.
A donkey can run up to 50 km/h fast.




originally Northeast Africa and Near East


mountains, steppe, dry areas; worldwide


Herbivores: grass, hay, straw, carrots, apples, dry bread…


up to 350 kg


up to 150 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

up to 40 years

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

Robert Schuster, Amstetten
Schmölzer Edith, Kaltenleutgeben


  • Mare Clara
    Stefanie Silbermayr
    , Leonding
  • Male Jimmy
    René Silbermayr
    , Leonding
    Atzenhofer Florian, Freistadt
  • Male Rucio, born 24.10.2020
    Riegler Wolfgang, Steyr
  • Hengst Jimmy, born 21.08.2016
    Krondorfer Ernst, St. Peter in der Au



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