Brown bear

Ursus arctos

The freely living bear does not generally become dangerous to humans; he almost flee from him. But you can’t rely on it completely. Exceptionally, the bear also becomes violent.


The brown bear spends the winter in a rock cave, where it falls into a kind of half-sleep with normal body temperature. This enables him to leave his lair at any time. Most brown bears live in Eastern Europe. In Italy, the last Alpine and Abruzzo bears enjoy complete protection.


Five bears were born in 1993 in our zoo. It was a world sensation and the first five-fold birth of brown bears in a zoological institution. With their entry in the “Guinness Book of Records”, these five brown bears became world-famous. One of them still lives with us today.



Europe, North Africa, North and Central Asia, North America


mixed forests and mountains


Omnivorous, mainly vegetarian; plans, insects, snails, rodents carrion; Exceptionally sheep, cattle, horse, deer


up to 250 kg


shoulder height up to 150 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

up to 30 Jahre; in zoo until 40 Jahre

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

Firma Gestra, Waldneukirchen

‘Hope’ – Derntl Sonja, Allerheiligen/Mühlkreis
‘Arkas’ – Karin und Siegfried Bramberger, Haidershofen



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