Lynx lynx lynx

The lynx is an excellent climber, so it can often be observed on trees. Although lynxes are mainly active at dusk and at night, they easily get used to a different rhythm when living together with humans.

After people had exterminated the last European lynx in the low mountain ranges, animal rights activists began in 1976 with the resettlement in Austria. They began to realize that the lynx does capture deer an chamois, but they are mostly sick animals. So it contributes to the health maintenance of the fauna.



Western Europe, Scandinavia, Russia to Siberia


forests, mountains up to 2.500 meters


deer, chamois, hares, foxes, young boars


up to 30 kg


shoulder height up to 75 cm;

Erreichbares Alter:

up to 25 years

Tierpaten Ehrentafel

  • Weisheidinger Robert, Timelkam
  • ‘Leonardo’, borne 6. June 2014:
    Leo Club, Steyr
  • ‘Toni’, born 24. May 2016:
    Ebner-Brunner Herta, Hilm, Sonntagberg
  • ‘Niki’, born 12. May 2009:
    Hinterholzer Michaela, Member of the Lower Austrian Parlaiment and mayor of the market town of Oed-Öhling, Aschbach-Markt
  • ‘Nayla’ – sponsor:
    Schuster Melanie, Enns
  • ‘Sammy’, born 4. May 2008:
    Grenus Alexander, Purkersdorf
  • ‘Silvia’, born 6. June 2014:
    Breitsprecher Silvia, Wien 17
  • ‘Ylvi’, born 24. May 2017
    Krisper Ida, Graz
  • ‘Luna’, born 17. May 2017
    Zeitlhofer Siegfried, Kematen an der Ybbs



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