Blue Peacock

Pavo cristatus

The blue peacock is a ground dweller. But he always sleeps in the same sleeping area in high treetops. Peacocks have excellent hearing and vision. Even the slightest disturbance will make them warn each other with a loud warning call. The sexually mature peacocks wear their nuptial plumage throughout the year, with the exception of moulting. The feathers of the train can grow up to 150 cm long. These feathers are back feathers. The short brown tail feathers become visible when the peacock does a wheel. It is one of the oldest and best known ornamental birds that came from India to Europe about 4000 years ago. In India the peacock is the “national bird” and may not be hunted there. In Europe it was to be seen on courts of kings and emperors.



India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand


tropical forests, near water bodies


seeds, fruits, grasses, flowers, insects, small vertebrates


up to 6 kg


up to 120 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

up to 25 Jahre

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