Bezoar goat

Capra aegagrus aegagrus

Appearance: The horns of the males reach a length of 70 to 100 cm and have turned behind saber-shapedly. The beard is thick and long; no neck or chest curtain.
The horns of the females get 20 to 30 cm long, they are thin and only some bent. Nanny goats don’t have any beard.


The most important species of wild goat (base form of the house goats) is the bezoar goat for us people. She even still became millennium before Christ in the sevens one, domesticated in front of the cattle already.
Where she isn’t protected, she is hunted because of her skin, the horns and her bezoars. The bezoars are “stomach stones”, round balls from hair, resins, small stones etc. undigestedly are this one in the stomach and with the time, at the surface get hard as stone and smooth. The popular belief regards her as a miracle medicine which is good for many different afflictions.



in the past Near East and Greek islands, wiped out in many areas today


Mountains between 1200 and 2200 meter high, nearby woods or bushes


Grasses, herbs, drives of bushes and trees, bark, moss, lichens


to 40 kg


Body length up to 100 cm, shoulder height up to 80 cm

Erreichbares Alter:

in liberty 12 years, in captivity considerably older

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  • Lisec Holding GmbH, Seitenstetten
  • ‘Mia’, born 23.01.2022Johannes from Melk
  • ‘Mona’, born 23. 01.2022Silke from Melk



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