Frequently asked questions at the zoo Stadt Haag

What you wanted to know

Is the zoo open on public holidays?


Yes, every day.

Are registrations required for groups?
Are guided tours offered?


Yes! There are varied and highly interesting guided tours.

Is there enough parking at the animal park? What is the cost of parking and how long can you park?


The number of parking lots directly at the zoo is limited. However, there are also additional parking lots behind the "Gasthaus zum Tierpark" (vis-à-vis the zoo) and opposite to the Salaberg castle. The parking time is unlimited and free of charge.

How do I get to the zoo most quickly and comfortably by public transport?


There are different ways to reach the zoo by public transport. All options are listed here: XXX

Is there an annual entrance ticket for the whole family?
Is there a reduced entrance fee?


With an annual ticket you can visit the zoo every day or you can visit the zoo as a group (at least 15 people).

Can people with mobility restrictions visit the zoo Stadt Haag?


The main paths are well secured and can be driven by a baby carriage or wheelchair. There are several gradients in the zoo, which is why a companion is required.

Are dogs allowed in the zoo Stadt Haag?


Dogs are allowed. Always keep your dog on a short lead. Only one dog is permitted per dog holder! Dog-bars (watering places) are placed at the entrance and at the adventure playground.

What are the possibilities to support the zoo Stadt Haag?


Simple animal sponsorship, animal sponsorship with naming, animal sponsorship with patronage, company sponsorship, donation

For further information, please visit: LinkXXX

Is it possible to take over an animal sponsorship and what is the money used for?


You can get information about animal sponsorships here: LinkXXX. For further information please contact the responsible person, Mr. Herbert Stoschek by telephone: ++ 43 (0) 74 34/42 42 3 - 15. Your contribution will completely benefit the animal.

Is only a naming without a sponsorship possible?

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