On grandpa’s paths

How do you think the founder of the zoo felt when he put his ideas into practice and began to build paths, create ponds and bought the first animals for the zoo in the castle park, which was left to its natural state at the time? Did he have an idea back than that the zoo would become a wonderful destination for young and old?


Today we are allowed to publish a nice report of is descendants:

The great-grandchildren of the zoo´s founder, mayor Ernst Huber, Amelie and Dominik, have been visiting the zoo after a long time once again. Just like their father, who was allowed to roam the zoo with his father when he was a little boy, they know every corner and every animal at the zoo.


Another highlight is the great playground at the heart of the zoo, from where it is always quite difficult to lure them away. Unfortunately, the great-grandchildren never met their great-grandfather, nevertheless they adore him very much and are extremely proud to be able to tell everyone that their great-grandfather founded this great zoo.


Many thanks to Ms. Kerstin Erber, who provided us with the photos and thus let us take part in her tour of the zoo.



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