Correct behaviour when finding a fawn

We turn to you with a request!

If you spot a fawn on its own in the wild, be sure to leave it untouched and contact a hunter or the local police so that the young animal can be brought under protection.


Why this notice?

Walkers brought a young deer to the zoo checkout. They found the little fawn, which was about a week old, in a field not far from the zoo and believed that there was no mother with it because they couldn´t see any. The doe (=mother animal), however usually hides very well in order to observe its fawn from afar and to protect it from predators. The mother deer and her young communicate by calling each other (=squeaking).

Unfortunately, this situation is often misunderstood and the fawns get carried away. As in this case the fawn was brought to us at the zoo. It is now being raised by our animal care team, which is not an optimal mother substitute.

Please also keep in mind that such action legally constitutes poaching!!!



A fawn that has been touched by human hands, carried around and taken to another place will no longer be accepted by the mother deer! Hence our request once again: if you spot a fawn please leave it lying around in nature! In most cases, the mother is nearby and takes care of her young.

Animal rescue at the sika deer

The larger young animal, which can also be seen in the photos and was born in our zoo, experienced a completely different situation.

This now two-week-old sika deer was laid in the mud by its mother. She probably thought her cub was already dead, because the hind no longer bothered with her fawn. Our animal keepers freed the baby deer from the mud and are now raising it by hand.



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