Our entrance fees for the zoo

Single admission

Entrance fee for adults/adult persons

Euro 13,00

Entrance fee for students only with ID up to 27. birthday

Euro 10,50

Free admission for children under 6 years of age

Students up to the age of 18 with student ID (A student ID is essential for pupils who no longer attend compulsory school.)

Euro 9,00

Entrance fee for apprentices up to the age of 19. birthday only with apprentice ID

Euro 9,00

Adults with disability card

Children with disability card

Euro 10,50

Euro 8,00

with ID

Euro 10,50

Our entrance fee for a dog

Euro 5,00

Children under the age of 6
Wheelchair users
Severely handicapped people with one required accompanying person (note in the disability card)


Admission price for groups


Children and pupils (6 years and older)

Pupils in school classes

Euro 10,50

Euro 8,50

Euro 7,50

Reduction for holders of a family pass or a family card of an Austrian state or the Czech family pass (Rodinny pas) with at least one present child.
Requirement: child/children and maximum 2 adults

Per adult

Per child

Euro 10,50

Euro 8,50

Annual ticket

No more waiting for a one-day ticket!

Simply use the annual pass to enter the zoo Stadt Haag immediately!

You can extend your annual ticket at the cash desk during opening hours.

In case of loss we can make a new annual ticket. You have to pay 3 euros for the new card. The lost annual ticket will be blocked then.


The annual ticket is valid for one year from the date of the issue.


The annual ticket is available directly at the cash desk.


The buyer of an annual ticket must be present in person. We’ll take a photo of the person and put the picture on the annual pass.


Another possibility would be, that you can write an e-mail to office@tierparkstadthaag.at, then you will get a voucher for an annual ticket. You can exchange this voucher into the annual ticket at the cash desk at the zoo.



Children and pupils (6 years and older)

plus one-time deposit for the use of card (will be refunded when the card is functional)

Euro 50,00

Euro 30,00

Euro 3,00

The annual ticket is only valid for one person.


It’s about as big as a cash card and it contains a magnetic stripe. You can see the name and the photo of the cardholder plus the validity on it.


Within the period of validity, you can visit the zoo Stadt Haag, as often as you like but only once a day!


One Dog’s entrance fee is included.